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Video Capture Stick® - Video Capture Device Records From RCA Video Sources

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Introducing the innovative ClearClick Video Capture Stick.

With the Video Capture Stick, you can record video from VCR's, VHS tapes, camcorders, Hi8, DVD players, and gaming systems. Enjoy, share, and preserve your old videos and memories in digital format!

Unlike most inexpensive USB video grabbers, the innovative Video Capture Stick works without a computer, which means no finicky drivers or confusing software. It's extremely easy to set up. Just plug in the power cord, hook up to your video source (such as a camcorder or VCR), and press "Record"! Your video will be recorded in digital format onto the included memory card.

After you've recorded your videos, just plug in the Video Capture Stick into your PC or Mac with the included USB cable. You'll be able to transfer your digitized video files to your computer within seconds. From there, you can store or watch your videos, or convert them to web, smartphone, and tablet friendly formats with the included Prism Plus Video Converter software. (Works with both Windows & Macintosh. Prism is published by NCH Software, Inc.)

Important Product Notes - Please Read Before Purchasing:

1) This product is intended for recording from analog video sources, NOT HD video (e.g. modern TV, Bluray, computers). Video is recorded at a resolution of 640x480, which is designed for analog video sources (e.g. camcorders, VCR's, classic gaming systems).

2) While using this device, each recording must be manually stopped at 2 hours or less. Otherwise, the resulting video may have out of sync/delayed audio.

What's In The Box:

- ClearClick Video Capture Stick
- 4 GB Memory Card (Pre-Inserted in Device)
- USB Cable & Power Adapter
- RCA Cable
- Prism Plus Video Converter Software CD
- User's Guide (written in proper English and easy to understand)

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